Nothing accentuates a good pasta like the right atmosphere (and the right glass of wine, but that's not what were talking about today). Just like you wouldn't eat a fine steak in the back alley behind an abortion clinic (okay, I might), you shouldn't read a scary story in the wrong setting either; and nothing sets the tone better than the right music. Now, I've seen plenty of people recommend music from video games, tv shows, movies and the like, but I have something a little different in mind. Here's my selection of good n' creepy music to set the right mood to be terrified; all from the Metal genre.

Classic Metal

Iron Maiden

Certainly a legend in the metal field, I find bruce and the gang's music is the perfect thing to put on while digging in to a good story. Their music has a very medieval feeling to it, and many of their songs themselves are "horror stories"; be it of war, killers, etc.thumb|268px|right



Another metal band with a great medieval sound, Dio's songs are epics unto themselves, and tell some great stories. but they also help set the mood for some pasta.

Black Sabbath


Just hit play, and you'll get it. Black sabbath are a great band to get creeped out to, and if the the music doesn't help just remember; the lead singer eats bats.


Newer Metal

System of a Down

A personnel favorite of mine, these guys know how to be creepy. Anything by them will really fit, but if the faster stuff doesn't work for you, look up the song Aerials.


another 90's "nu-metal" band (although both System of a Down and Korn hated the title). These guys know creepy metal. The first 3 albums are excellent, and avoid the new dubstep album they did with skrillex (unless your in the mood for good laugh).

wrapping up

So, there we have, my first round of music reccommendations. While these were pretty basic, let me know what you guys think, do these bands do it for you? Want some more recommendations? Am I a dumb fuck with terrible taste in music? Let me know!