I think this sounds very impossible, but can anyone here write a pasta, inspired by song titles?

Example, Bruno Mars' "Grenade", Maroon 5's "Animals", John Legend's "All of Me", or any other songs, songs with different genres ranging from pop, RnB, hip-hop, rock, metal, or any genres you know.

My challenge is, can you write a short or full-length pasta with just the song's title you choose? (I hate Justin Bieber songs, but you can also include them if you want to.)

You can write your pasta, it may tackle about the songs' message, or it may not have any relevance to the song itself.

To be fair, I will also write my own. I choose Bastille's "Pompeii". I'll try to write a pasta with just that. Don't worry if you think your pasta is not good, I'm not going to criticize your work; this is something I made fo fun, and also improvement.