Guys, I think we have a problem about the Wattpad plagiarism thing. The Wattpad petition CPW laid down a few months earlier has been officialy declined by an admin of the site who goes by the name Mary M. I have decided to share this to everyone - have this blogged as soon as time allows me to do so - as this topic doesn't only concern a single person or a single website, but an entire community of writers like us.

Here's her judgment, followed by a comment. First this:

Hi there,
Thank you very much for giving us such a detailed suggestion and to all those who supported. I won’t speak too much to the first couple of ideas, as our policies are already zero-tolerance and there are filters in place to detect the copyright of already-published material.
As for allowing third parties to report infringement, however, this is something that we unfortunately cannot grant. When you submit a DMCA, you are submitting a legal request. The law specifically requires the rights holder or someone else legally authorized on their behalf to invoke such a request; 3rd parties are not the rights holder and therefore cannot speak or act on behalf of the rights holder.
For this reason, the suggestion will have to be declined. Thank you all for your time and effort.

Then this:

Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback and suport. We have a “zero-tolerance” policy on plagiarism. We ask users to make sure they wrote, own the rights to, or have received permission from the copyright-holder before any content is uploaded to Wattpad. Users are encouraged to report any potentially infringing content for investigation. If an upload violates the content guidelines, it is removed.
There are over 250 million story uploads on Wattpad and upwards of 300,000 new uploads are added every day. We rely on an in-house community team, a global team of ambassadors and a proprietary algorithm to monitor the platform to ensure users are not posting other people’s stories as their own. It’s a monumental task, but one we take very seriously.
Hope this helped.

What action should we take next?

EDIT: As unfortunate as it might sound, it seems like there's nothing we can do about this. Sorry.