I assure you, this will be my last blog post (since the wordmark blog has been decided), and I will be long gone again to work on my upcoming story: The War Against Mankind. If you're wondering what is this story all about, check my profile page first before reading the following text.

I will give away some elements on my story, and if you're interested, you may -- as well -- help me improve my story after the draft is finished. Here are the details:

  • This story is broken into chapters. (I don't know how many chapters, though.)
  • The protagonist is a priest, former historian.
  • There will be a war (obviously, as the title says -- but not just a mere war. You'll know soon.)
  • The enemy is going to bring mankind eternal damnation. (As the subtitle says.)
  • The protagonist's job is to find the portal that's causing the war, and seal it shut, and hunt the man who opened it and punish him.
  • The enemy is not just a single person, but an entire army of... not yet!
  • It will be riddled by puzzles and action. (Too bad, no weapons involved, but crosses and rosaries and holy water, let's say, and some few magnums with silver bullets. Having an idea? Use your brain.)
  • There will be so much traitors and betrayals and backstabbings here...
  • As well as shapeshifters.
  • The story is set on London, year 1865.
  • (Don't mind my humorous tone here; that story's going to be goddamn serious. Lots of reasearch, lots of studying *****ology (You guess), lots of word playtime, lots of pen to be used, lots of brains to function (Literally, I need someone to help me), lots of papers and notebooks, but no humor -- it's just pure seriousness.

So, that's some of the details. If you're wondering, "What the hell is this story all about?", then stop that and don't hope you'll see it ahead of others. Wait until October. Everyone who will help me work on this one will be the only one to read it in advance. I'm even thinking about of turning this into a book, under a pseudonym, of course -- it has a lot of potential.

To anyone who wants to help me, please email me ( -- my yahoo username is very weird, isn't it?), so it will not be exposed to public. The comments section below is only for opinions, suggestions, and encouraging messages. (Please, if you can't help me, at least support me.) This story will be a thriller, with a drizzle of mystery and horror.

If it ever turns into a book... no, I will make its front cover.

Expecting your helps and encouragements!