Hi guys! Recently, I have been reading several pastas. The comments on few of them were bland and unspecific. Well, almost all of us hate unclear criticisms or praises, because it breaks the real purpose of the comments section. Many of them, the scoring system is ?/10 or ?/15.

Right now, I want to propose a rule about scoring. I'm not sure if this will work out, but I'll try.

So, the scoring system shall be letters, from A+ to F. The numerical system is pretty old and, in my opinion, archaic. For some good reason, the letter system is looks much more logical than numericals. Do you notice some critics of films, music, games, and so on? Some of them use the letter system, and it can be adapted by us.

The scoring system would be like this:

10/10 - A+ 9/10 - A 8/10 - A-

7/0 - B+ 6/10 - B 5/10 - B-

4/10 - C+ 3/10 - C 2/10 C-

1/10 - F 0/10 - F

So what do you think? Who wants the letter system? Who wants the numerical system back?