Well, guys, before you read this blog, let me inform you that this is extremely NSFW and... disturbing. I don't understand how it's played, but all I know is if you played it, it will change the way you see the thing we commonly call Internet. Read at your own risk (I played the game myself... and I heavily discourage it! (Just kidding, but seriously, don't play this game!))

So... the story started in June 2015, when Obscure Horror Corner (see his Youtube channel) found a game from... the deep web. Yeah, you read it right: DEEP WEB. It's said that a friend of his suggested him to visit an unknown site, and download the site. The game was titled Sad Satan.

For more information, visit Obscure Horror Corner's channel, and search for the pentalogy of videos concerning Sad Satan. The videos are highly disturbing, so be warned before watching it (it may cost you your precious sleep... it costed mine).

The video game was in sometimes colored, sometimes black and white, and a bit jittery, like it the game has little to no signal. It has no goals, at all. You start in a place, the walls textured with strange images, like roses and static-ish walls (it's pretty random, actually) and you just walk around the place. You don't have to do anything but walk around, no fights, no puzzle, no challenge.

Its background music was mostly static, but you can here some strange muffled screams, which (NSFW) possibly were recorded from a girl being raped by a pedophile. Yeah, that itself was disturbing already, but in fact, there are more...

While playing the game, you may encounter a picture of a woman. It's still unknown what she is in that game, but honestly, she pops up in your like a jumpscare, and stares at you for some seconds with a joyful smile. Yeah, it's creepy. Plus at times, strange, muffled and static-ish music, like music from '40s, plays as you walk around.

You know, there are too many details, to be described here. Just watch the videos, and be warned, it may devastate your sleep for days.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5: