Hello, folks! Today I made this blog for a very humane reason. Ever have an unforgettable bad experience you want to get mad about? Ever played a video game so horrible it makes you shit your pants and want to burst to a red, steaming pulp? Ever read a pasta so badly-written you named it as a menacing abomination ripped off straight from hell? Or ever... ever want to rant about life generally? Then you have come to the right blog.

In here, you can express your anger and madness about anything and everything you want to rant about. Be mad and rant about this wiki, about Jeff the Killer, about Zelda, about Pokémon, or if you want, about me... about everyone. Well, just make sure you won't utter some unforgivable obscenities that might get your sorry butt banned. Everyone is encouraged to join! Our goal is to set this blog afire with scorching anger, and I'm quite sure that would be very easy to achieve.

So what are you waiting for? Get mad and rant about something. We're gonna have a rant fiesta, guys!