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Poll 2: Psychosis or Necrosleep?

I assume that all of you have read Psychosis. I also assume that you already read Necrosleep, the PotM. Both of them also have the same story aspects; they both revolve in computers, insanity, and so on. They are almost the same, "almost". Somehow, they are different when compared to each other. And I would like to know your opinion.

The question: What do you like the most, Psychosis or Necrosleep?

My opinion. I like Psychosis more. Why? I know they are "almost" the same, but Psychosis never failed to give me the chills and eye-aches I wanted. It's also focused on mental breakdown itself, without use of any objects; like Necrosleep, medicines were given to the protagonist, and because of that, he would fall to mental breakdown after drinking the medicines to cease his headache. Yeah, something like that.

The question again: What do you like the most, Psychosis or Necrosleep?

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