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Potential Contest Details:

Hello guys. Last days, I came up with a new contest idea, titled: Mystery Writing Contest. The name says it all.

So... let's discuss the details. Everyone is absolutely allowed to submit their works. Choose any topic as you please; any topic about mystery is fine. When you entered the contest, you only have 10 days to work on your story; if you fail to submit it at time, you will be disqualified -- don't worry, your stories will be mentioned an a blog after the contest has finished and winners are rewarded.

But what's the reward? Nothing really big. Just bragging rights, and a custom-made logo of your username from me (If you win, you're lucky... Just hope it'll be good). About the winners, there will be five winners: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Then to the criteria: Mystery Factor: 30% Creepy Factor: 30% Creativity: 25% Technicality (Grammar, punctuation, formatting): 15%.

To enter the contest, just comment "I'm in!"

That's it! If you have opinions, don't be afrai to comment below.

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