Well, I guess the title says it all.

Look, Vngel and I are up to something we find quite interesting. This was her (or his — I can't tell. Whatever) idea all along; she'd suggested it on the comments section of the blog I've dedicated to Dupin's shitted-up Vuitton hat. You can check it out for yourself if you haven't seen it.

Initially, we wanted this to be some sort of a contest where everyone can participate and goof up one another's avatars. That was the plan Vngel had proposed. I liked it, TBH. But then the ever-great Empy (no sarcasm) came to the scene and told us, in short, that it's "not worth it and should just be some sort of a recreational activity." I can say we were disheartened quite a bit by what he said — what he told us was right, though — but we're eager to continue, and we wanted to push this through whatever blocks our way.

And so we did.

Okay, so here's the actual stuff. Everyone in this wiki can participate. If you're ever going to, select one user — and only ONE user — and edit his/her avatar (profile picture, if rewording it would clarify things). You can do whatever you want to the avatar you've chosen. Make it black and white, color it a nasty shade of urine yellow, if that ever sounds appealing to your stomach, or you can draw stuff on it (dickbutt if you please). You can even put pictures on it. And you can use any app. Photoshop or GIMP, even MS Paint would work out well (any photo-editing app, in general). It's all about creativity...

Well, if you're confused by what I said (sorry if my writing sounds retard; I could feel sleep hitting on me as I write this), then here's a TL;DR: pick an avatar and edit it. If you have questions or opinions to share, please don't hesitate to tell us. We'll address it ASAP.

And one more thing: stay civil. Make a beautiful batshit mess and show your masterpiece to the whole planet.

And have fun, I guess.