I have three good news to share.

First, I won the feature writing competition in Revolt (the contest/hell which set me out of the site for a while). I placed second, and was awarded a cheap-looking silver medal and a certificate of recognition. The topic the judge asked us to write about does honestly sound stupendous and pretty uninspiring; I’m pretty certain you’ll find it tedious: ‘’write about your favorite place’’. I didn’t have a hard time trying to write about this place we call “Aurora”, and one-hour time limit didn’t leave me grasping at straws, but it really robbed me out of all my intellectual prowess. I felt dull and weak when I finished composing this short essay, but I guess it’s worth it. My efforts paid off quite better than I expected.

Second, I placed seventh in the graphic design competition. I got nothing worthy but the same certificate – no medal. Why such…? Well, it’s either the judges need to get their eyes fixed, someone out there is way better than I am, ‘’or’’ I actually committed a terrible design blunder that I failed to notice (which I do now). I don’t know ‘’before’’ if it’s the picture I used, or the content or the arrangement… I have no idea. You know, it’s… a long story. And I personally think my graphic design work looks bad – at least when viewed from a professional’s point of view – which I would willingly admit, if you ask me. I couldn’t show my work to you guys, since I don’t have the soft-copy (I accidentally deleted it out of great frustration to myself) and the hard-copy now belongs to the judges of the contest. I don’t want to, anyway. But I’m pretty satisfied with the seventh place. That’s fine, I could try again later. There’s a lot of opportunities to come.

Third, you may not know much about this, but I just thought this would be relevant. If you’ve read Christopher Maxim’s (Pokemongreen3678) mess

age on my talkpage, you’d know that he’d requested me to make a poster for his novella titled “Parallel Duality”. And I did it. I made his book a poster, and he said it looks freaking fantastic. I don’t know about you, but IMO it’s perfect.

So… after four-five days of inactivity, I’m back. Revolt has finally concluded, and I’ll be back to contributing to this site. 

Parallel Duality (Poster)

The original picture.

Parallel Duality (Printed Poster)

The printed poster.