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Artwork Gallery No. 1: Paintings

Hi folks! Just like what took place a few months before, I'm now back with these awesome creations. I guess I just want attention for myself, but that's not really the reason I rendered this. Since I'm planning to create a DeviantArt account dedicated to typography, I've created these so when I have an account (sooner or longer), I can instantly fill it up with a few artworks of mine. Maybe, impressions...

It's only a few seven, and I think that's not enough to make up a portfolio. And here comes the real thing: If you know some old paintings (only in the public domain paintings. No one wants legal conflicts, I guess), don't mind POSTING A LINK (please, just post links, for the gallery's sake) on the comments section. Just like Rinskuro13 , I'm also a struggling designer/artist. So with a few help from good friends, I might get some more exposure, and, hopefully, attract a wider audience (You should aide Rins, too). Your help would be really useful to us!

P.S. I'm hoping to make a living with this talent I have. You know... earn money and help myself and my family and stuff. As Joker said, "If you're good at something, don't do it for free."

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