Hey guys. Ruckus here, and... yeah, I'm here to give you a quick update regarding my current condition.

So much stuff has happened here since I left the Wiki a few months ago. One I noticed instantly is the redesigned interface. Actually - I'll be honest - I'm not too fond of the dark red-gray theme of the site. I still prefer the old all-black theme. But I want to give the credit where it's due, so congrats and my dearest thanks to Psychobilly for successfully breathing life into this, dark horrific drylands.

Moving on, I don't really have anything big to say about myself. I triumphed over my depression long ago, long before I wrote this blog. Took a two-week vacation to celebrate Christmas, which is particularly crappy this 2016 (2016 in general is fucked up, so no surprise at all). School will come back in about six days, so I have a less than a week to enjoy this break.

On a much more positive note, I was recently hired by a team of video game developers called Studio Furukawa. They made the famous drag racing game Pixel Car Racer (which I urge you all to play), and so far the experience has been splendid. The devs are funny and equally creative graphic artists, the game's community is really active and really friendly, almost like Creepypasta Wiki; you can find me active there most of the time.

So, that was awkward, but I did get my points across, so... yeah. Just ask questions below if you want to know more about what's happening with my ugly life.