Yeah guys, you heard it right: I'm really scrapping "The Labyrinth of Shadows". Why? I already had a hard time developing the plot, and the setting is simply too broad to be noticeable. I also had a hard time writing and piecing the story altogether. It's just too complicated for me to handle...

But worry not! Actually, after I deleted the old one, I instantly came up with a brilliant idea. The new novel's title is "Blood and Desperation", and—let me give you a clue—it's about snuff films and things. It's a suspense slash psychological thriller (or horror, at its very broad sense).

So far my progress is good. I'm just starting on it, so I only have chapter one finished. I'm sure this will be NSFW, since it has so many adult themes (but not sex). It's a challenge to myself; I want to push myself to my limits and beyond to see what I'm really capable of. I hope this will be worth waiting for. (It's to be released on the site for a month—it's for purchase, of course, if I feel like that—and after that month, it will be taken out of the site.)

Click the link for the sample: