Hi guys! Ruckus here again. These last few weeks, you might have thought I had abandoned this contest. Well, that's not true; I wasn't just able to manage the contest because of schoolwork and things like that -- I hope you understand me. All those times that I was out, I started reading the submitted pastas as the submission period ended. You can blame this horrible internet connection for my faults.

Moving on, I want to change something: since there only seven submissions, which is way below than the expected 50, I had decided to take out the fourth place award, leaving us with first, second and third. But the other awards aren't going to be removed, so almost everyone is getting an award.

Sorry for my excuses. Let's move on to the announcement:

Okay, the third place goes to... * cue the drumroll

Natalo for Across My Desk! These are the pasta's scores:

M.F.: 29%

C.F.: 27%

Creativity: 23%

Technicality: 14%

Total: 93%

The second place goes to... * cue the drumroll again

ShawnHowellsCP for Tabula Rasa! These are the pasta's score:

M.F.: 28%

C.F.: 28%

Creativity: 24%

Technicality: 14%

Total: 94%

And now, for the announcement that everyone has been waiting for... the first place goes to... * cue the grandest drumroll of all

The Damn Batman for The Charlatan! These are the pasta's score:

M.F.: 29%

C.F.: 28%

Creativity: 24%

Technicality: 14%

Total: 95%

But that's not all. Of course, where is the Honorable Mention? Okay, the Honorable Mention goes to... * cue the drumroll

SnakeTounge237 for From Deep Within! Since this is based on my personal taste, this pasta is not scored (though I have scores for this, but no way I'm gonna let you see it).

Well, that's it! Those are the winners of the 2015 Mystery Writing Contest. I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest for contributing high-quality works, as well as for dedicating your precious time on writing. We truly appreciate your hardship. For those who didn't have the luck to win, I'm still very thankful, but remember, there's one more award to be reaped!

People's Choice Award Poll

People, what pasta do you think deserves the People's Choice award?

The poll was created at 07:29 on September 18, 2015, and so far 10 people voted.

Here are the links for humanity's sake:

The Charlatan

A Long Winding Road

Tabula Rasa

Squaring Up

From Deep Within

Across My Desk

Delarena Dozen

FYI, this blog will be updated when September ends. So just wake me up. Take note, it's really possible for a pasta to have two awards at once. Well, I tell you, be honest with yourself. Even if you think this pasta has already received a different award, but it deserves this award, don't hesitate to vote it.

I think that's it. Goodbye, I'll see you all soon!