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The Party

Madam Red was hosting her birthday party just like she does every year. Just when everyone was enjoying the party, Madam Red was still waiting for the guest of honour, her sister. Half an hour had passed but Madam was still waiting. She got worried for her sister so she excused herself from the guests and went outside her mansion to see if her sister had arrived yet but there was no sign.

 Madam Red's husband was just as worried for his sister-in-law so he sent a squad of six guards to go and look for her. About fifteen minutes had passed that three guards came back running. You could see the terror in their eyes. When they were asked what they had found, they immediately took both Madam Red and her husband to a dark alley.There, Madam Red shook with fear as she saw her dead sister with her entrailles ripped right out of her body.

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