• RoxyBru Doodles

    Okay, I don't know if this is going to be deep or whatever, but I guess, kind of an account of life... Sort of, haha. I just feel this is the only way to... express myself in a way. I don't really feel that I have anybody else to talk to, haha. XD So, lets get started... I guess. XD

    I guess an introduction is in order... Yesh, this si the boring part but, DEAL WITH IT... XD Sowwy..So....

    Hai, my name is RoxyBru_Doodles, I am a female... Just thought I would clear that up now.. XD I'm still in school (as you can probably tell) and my life is quite... Dramatic. In a word. But I will elaborate on that later. I have many hobbies:

    1. Drawing

    2. Reading

    3. Music (I like a lot of bands, but I mostly listen to rock music. Like, FoB, P!ATD, etc. etc.)


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