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Rosie is a fate worse than death

aka Rosie

  • I live in New york
  • I was born on August 21
  • My occupation is MUSIC AND CREEPYPASTA!!!!
  • I am Female
  • Rosie is a fate worse than death

    1:Always have a weapon or a rocket launcher.

    2:Make sure you NEVER go to the woods.

    3:When you are playing a game and it starts to glitch un-plug or break every device you have.

    4:When you are eating cheesecake eat it before Masky and Hoodie gets there and kills you to eat it.

    5:When you are walking out at night time keep your guard up and when you pass and ally way run.

    6:If you get a e-mail check it and spread the word or you die.

    7:When you are in the woods have ear-buds or headphones on and listen to music but have it at full blast.

    8:While playing pokemon and it glitches do the same as number 3

    9:If a tall dude walks up to you and gives you a rose kick him or set him on fire.


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