Post #2 (October 6th 2011)

So I watched the next two episodes. The second one is called "Happy Helpers go to a Birthday Party" and the third is called "Happy Helpers get Sick".

The second is terrible. Happy and Appy go to this kid named Carl's birthday party. Both of them smile as they slap the bow onto a present. Then they walk down the street to Carl's house.

Carl opens the door and smiles. "Hi Happy! Hi Appy!"

Happy and appy walk in and roll their eyes. "Where's everyone else?" Happy asks.

"They're in the basement" carl replies

Happy and Appy walk behind Carl and then they trip him down the stairs. Carl tumbles, crying out in pain as he hits the wall. Happy and Appy laugh.

Carl's mom and dad walk up and help him up, and walk him over to the party room. Happy and Appy follow.

"Happy Birthday Carl!" evryone yells. Happy and Appy smile directly at the camera with a death stare. "I hope we can find some kids to help!"

The party starts okay. Happy and Appy participate in games and they start opening presents. Happy and Appy's present is the next

Carl opens the present and screams. It was a severed head of a child at the park! A pool of blood at the bottom of the box seeped through the wrapping paper and onto the floor. Carl drops the head in disgust.

Happy smiles. "We hope you like it!" and they dig into the cake.

"Everyone, go upstairs! We can play more games outside!" Appy exclaims.

Everyone cheers and runs upstairs. Happy and Appy stay.

Happy giggles. "Hey kids, it's really fun to pull pranks on people!" and she pours poison onto the cake. The entire cake! It seeps into the cake and it doesnt look like anything happened.

The kids come back and they all eat the cake, and soon after, they die.

I keep looking for a little caption saying no kids got hurt in this production, but it never popped up. and after searching, i found out that this is reality so it can be like...well...more healing and stuff.

That's the end of episode 2.

Episode three is pretty simple. Happy and Appy get sick and they stay in bed. Kids bring over get well cards and little gifts and say get well soon. Happy and Appy are actually nice and civil. That is pretty much it. I didn't gag or keep looking behind me and getting uncomfortable.

I keep looking for more episodes in the attic and nothing found. If any of you recorded every episode, please donate. I know there's more because I read online there's 20 episodes. So I guess I'll look on ebay for some stuff. I already found episode 11 but it was already bought.

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