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    Happy Helpers Blog 2

    October 4, 2012 by Roosie121

    Post #2 (October 6th 2011)

    So I watched the next two episodes. The second one is called "Happy Helpers go to a Birthday Party" and the third is called "Happy Helpers get Sick".

    The second is terrible. Happy and Appy go to this kid named Carl's birthday party. Both of them smile as they slap the bow onto a present. Then they walk down the street to Carl's house.

    Carl opens the door and smiles. "Hi Happy! Hi Appy!"

    Happy and appy walk in and roll their eyes. "Where's everyone else?" Happy asks.

    "They're in the basement" carl replies

    Happy and Appy walk behind Carl and then they trip him down the stairs. Carl tumbles, crying out in pain as he hits the wall. Happy and Appy laugh.

    Carl's mom and dad walk up and help him up, and walk him over to the pa…

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    Happy Helpers

    October 3, 2012 by Roosie121

    Post #1 (October 3rd 2011)

    Hi everyone. My name is Megan, and I just had to write about this. I hope this doesn't take too much of your time and though it may be long...I just needed to get the word out.

    This is an old show, from like 1991, and it was only on air for a few months, if even. It was soon taken off because of the terrible footage.

    I was rummaging through some stuff in my storage because I went home for a weekend (college) and I wanted to take some stuff home. I came across a box named "HH". I looked on the flip side and saw it was actually called "Happy Helpers".

    Confusing, really, what it was. I opened it up, which was pretty hard because it was so taped up. It was like whoever taped it up didn't want it to be opened.

    It was a few…

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