For the past few days, me and a few other users have been talking about a "Movie event" for the community, where we altogether just watch some horror movies and Creepypastas together as a community.

Well today, I decided to go ahead and start making just that: Every Saturday, I will begin streaming movies for the community to watch, starting today at 5:00 UTC Central Time on Veetle. Veetle is a live-streaming site that has good quality. It's in beta, but hey: Rome wasn't built in a day, now was it?

The movies and pastas will be chosen by the community (that's right, by you), and will be shown every Saturday at 5:00 UTC by me.

The list of movies that will be shown will be (in the following order): The Shining, Halloween, Final Destination, The Cabin the Woods, Misery, Scream,  and The Mist.

There will be no Creepypastas yet because I need ya'll to vote on them. Sucks, I know.

The way you guys will decide on the movies and Creepypastas will be you choosing what you believe are good movies, and the next day I will add the most requested movies and Creepypastas into a poll where you all will vote on them. 

I should add that this isn't an official thing, but rather something just for fun for the community. 

I will link the event at 2:00 PM Central Time