aka Athaleia

  • I live in inside your heads
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is i shall become the greatest pasta that ever lived
  • I am female
  • Rockabilla028

    "Just sitting there..helpless..scared...oh what a shame you have to die so soon." "Don't worry, just to make things easier, i'll show you whats gonna happen." With the knife in her hand she slowly circles her victim who's tied up to the chair." "First lets start with THIS!!" Alexis takes the blood covered knife and digs it into her victims' thigh and drags it down slowly to her ankle. "PLEASE STOP!!" Alexis's victim starts to cry in complete agony."Dont worry, this will end very..very..painfully.

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  • Rockabilla028

    coming soon

    March 10, 2014 by Rockabilla028

    Right now my story is in progress. My creater has started with me. So far its going so well its about how it all began, and how i became who i am now, Rockabilla. Don't worry E.J soon you will hear about and i can be able to kill along side you. Stay creepy guys ;P

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  • Rockabilla028 kinda new here but soon everyone will hear of me,Rockabilla, i hope to make it into the "in pasta" with the famous jeff the killer, slenderman, and my love eyeless jack

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