I stopped to this Wiki recently, since I've got a huge amount of school projects coming up, but today I tried and drop in to see if anything cool had been added. Five pastas had been trolled, all within two hours, so I just went straight to fixing them. I really find it theraputic to restore them, but seeing some guy who makes "CAUSE HE BE RAPIN' EVERYBODAY" references has messed with The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp? That shit's not working with me, motherfucker. I come to the conclusion that anybody who does this is A) 14 years old, and B) has a tiny penis. You know who you are, Tiny Penis Boy.

I wrote what could now be considered a creepypasta in 10th grade, called "The Red Room", which was based on a Japanese flash video that caused an eleven year old to murder the fuck out of her friend. But I toned the violence down enough for it to be put in a school writing compilation book, and they had this idiot do all the editing so The Red Room was thoroughly mangled (i.e. four seperate lines of dialogue turned into a paragraph). Since then, I've understood how people feel when someone ruins their original work.

So now I'm gonna go re-read Barbie.avi and go out for pizza.