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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on March 1
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  • Robotkat


    October 28, 2011 by Robotkat

    >forget to come onto wiki one night

    >come back

    >"Ugh, someone messed with the articles again, lovely."

    >subject ruined Barbie.avi


    (Seriously, huge credits to all of you guys for catching the punks like this lately. I'm wondering if we should make classic pages like Candle Cove or The Russian Sleep Experiment non-editable to save time and keep them safe...)

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  • Robotkat

    Canned Life

    October 20, 2011 by Robotkat

    Are seagulls supposed to make high-pitched, warbling noises that resemble those made by young screaming girls? If not, the gulls down at the Blairmore Lot in my city have been up to something. Someone is welcome to take the idea of a gull that caws with the tongue of a child for their pasta.

    Two Robert Palmer CDs arrived in the mail today. Hnnngh Mr. Palmer, if you weren't dead and forty-four years older, I'd ask you to marry me. Now I must leave for a job interview in thirty minutes, but I need a shirt that doesn't make me look like Vincent Brooks...

    (Fun pasta idea: Teenager is abducted on a bicycle while biking past a large lot; people report hearing his voice but see only flocks of gulls)

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  • Robotkat

    I stopped logging on when the internet at our cottage kept giving out in July-August, and after I got a new computer I forgot to come back...has anything wild happened lately?

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  • Robotkat

    So we come into Ontario, and there's Blue Heron Resort.

    Then near the cottage I'm staying at, there's Blue Heron Golf and Country Club.

    Then today, two heron fly by when we go out on the boat.

    Is this a sign? I'm really not prepared to spend tomorrow morning cleaning pots and pans off the floor.

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  • Robotkat

    Aaaaagh screw this.

    June 10, 2011 by Robotkat

    I have a Drama 30 project to do. (I'm writing a play!) Someone do me a favour and ban Atomicsneakers for repeated trolling, erasing pages and user harassment.

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