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  • RobertRichtofen

    The Sign

    November 16, 2012 by RobertRichtofen

    It was a nice, breezy night when my friend Michael and I were walking to Michaels' house. When we arrived we did out little handshake that we made to signify our friendship. 3 years as friends. We consider each other as brothers. But that is beside the point. I walked back home when I seen something starnge. In the park that has been closed down for years I seen what seemed to be a dark figure running to the bushes and disappear out of sight. I figured I was seeing shit. So I walked into my house to be welcomed with open arms from my girlfriend Angie. We lived in a single home with just ourselves. As of kids. None. But as I sat down at my computer desk to read some Creepypasta. Mid-way through "Cupcakes" I got a call on my cell from Michae…

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