I would like for people to participate in this particular writing contest. I don't expect any people to come in, but might as well give it a try.

The rules are similar to the 2015 Freestyle Writing Competition. Type "I'm in" or something related, and I will give you a topic/subject to write about. It cannot be an old pasta, it must be a new one. It cannot be a poem. When you are done, post the link to your story on the blog comments section and the subject, and I will take a look. I'm the only judge, haha.

I need at least 7 people to participate. You may not complain about the given topic or subject. NSFW content is not allowed, if I found out about it, I am not rating your pasta. The ratings are given in the comments section, and I will inform you via talk page when I do that. Swear words are allowed, but try keeping it down to a minimum. Pastas that are rated 7/10 or above will be accepted and posted onto this blog for everyone to read, if you allow permission (inform me via talk page if you give permission or not).

I do not rate your pasta based on you gender, yourself, how early or late you joined, your status here, and/or what other editors say of you. I will only rate by the content of your pasta.

If your pasta is deleted, you may ask for another subject, and I will comply. If you ask 3 times, the 4th time I will not give a topic to you.

You may submit only one entry, unless the above happens to you.

No harassment or personal information may be given.

You are given one week to write your pasta: no more, no less.

Good luck!