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Hi, before I start off with any criticism or reviews, I'd like to introduce myself and this blog. I'm RisingFusion, and I love writing, although I am not very skilled at it. I decided I will write this blog to point out Creepypasta cliches and besties. Since pastas are being created all the time, this blog will be changed a lot.

Creepypasta Cliches and BestiesEdit

A lot of pastas, well, are terrible. They manage to pass the "line" but are simply repeating cliches. I am not a good writer, but I read, and what I have read are...bad.

"Jeff the Killer" formulas are not permitted, but some still slip through, like replicated viruses.

Step 1: fall in love with a hot girl/boy/evil monster.

Step 2: (number 1): finds out the boy/girl/evil monster IS an evil monster, and evil monster kills them.

Step 2: (number 2): loves this person too much/wants to preserve him/her/finds out they've been cheating on the narrator/dumps them, narrator gets upset/angry/happy? and kills them with a big sharp knife, rips out intestines/jugular vein/eyes/limbs/head.

Step 3: becomes a serial killer/does suicide

I'm not kidding around, there's at least a hundred pastas that wind up like this.

Next cliche: Diaries/Blogs

It strikes me funny that people "hurriedly scribbled down my last moments of my life" while a monster/plushie/serial killer/my dad/my mom is scratching at the window/coming up the stairs. Shouldn't the narrator be running/screaming?

Ex: (I made this up): "I can hear it now. It's steps are slowly making its way up to my room. These are my last moments. I have to share them with someone. It's coming. It's going to get me. Someone please he-" Abrupt cut off. What the hell was that?

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