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First Post!!!

Hey guys! This is my first post here. I have just created a wikia account, but I have been a Creepypasta Fan for quite a while now! I do love a funny Trollpasta once in a while though. Some things about me:

  • I Love Creepypasta (You already know this)
  • I love Blood+
  • I love Black Butler
  • I like Trollpastas once in a while (You already know this as well)
  • I LOVE heavy metal and hardcore punkrock music. Rise Against is the BEST hardcore punkrock band EVER!!!!
  • I HATE Pop, Country, and Classical music. Bob Marley is the worst. (Sorry if you like him, I know many people do)

Now you know some stuff about me! Thanks for reading! Post a comment if you agree with anything I like, no hates please!

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