I've seen Bowlgirl only three times [only more than once to test if my gag gained resistance after the following viewings of the material.] The thing that makes me wonder is what kind of person does this sort of thing out of their own free will?

I've also seen this same video on Youtube under a different name (Pukeplay) in a few of the comments a few people share similar concerns to my own thus leading me to wonder the fate of this strange girl...

I'm convinced she's a sex slave, possibly kidnapped since childhood & forced into sick type ponorgraphy [even though the video itself doesn't show nudity the moment she has both her hands deep in her mouth & down her throat is very suggestive in nature.] I think perhaps when being raped one day a sick bastard discovered her "talent" & the idea was born to make her do emaetophila.

It may not be something scary to most but it is to me, the very really possibility that we could be in the playground living the joys of chilhood one day & end up ripped away from it all & to top it off we are raped repeatedly in every concievable orofice it's really disturbing to me as I realize that everyday many women & young children get taken into bondage daily without ever knowing happiness only a numb existance simply tolerant of their hell. We may never know the scum who kidnap them, they may even be beloved members of society that's a very real possiblilty.

please share your thoughts with me & don't be afraid to be critical

RipleyGantz 05:27, April 30, 2012 (UTC)