Next I scrambled into the hallway, frantically caliing out her name.Nothing seemed real that day... I wanted my sister back. What if someone hurt her?My thoughts skipped to my parents.Thats...when I heard that noise..that damn, wretched...noise. It sounded as if something was being chewed on,but every crunch was so deep, it sounded like a bone cracking along with something moist and gushy sliding along with it. I was terrified. Slowly, I stalked down the stairs, unsure of what I would see. I wish I hadn't. I saw that sight,and I vommitted every last ounce of whatever the hell was in my stomach. Those animals...creatures..fucking MONSTERS! Doodra. I saw Doodra. He...was eating my mother. Her face was gone, save the bones and vocal chords hanging limply. Then there was the bird..the same bird Samanthta had drawn. It was gnawing...on my father's well, you know, that area. Sobbing, I spun around, unable to bear the sight. "W-WHY?!" I cried, sinking to my knees. I couldn't stop sobbing, it...was too much. Then Doodra, I think it was Doodra, spoke with a rough metallic, deep horrid voice. " Our Samantha wished for this. We serve her." My eyes widened at the mention of the name. "WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS MY SISTER YOU SADISTIC MOTHER FUCKERS?!" I screeched at the top of my enraged lungs. They probably weren't scared. But hell, I was close to pissing myself. Those damned creatures looked at eachother, then back to me. "Master did not verify your presence hear." Doodra said knowingly. He glanced at the bird and in miliseconds I was in the talons of the damn bird- demon. I whimpered softly. I was dragged to the depths of the base ment, to be greeted by a rather...odd sight. Intestines and streamers danced together in the air alongside balloons spattered with blood. Gigantic stuffed animals sat lifelessly against the walls, limbs missing randomly or stitched back on poorly at best. I realized, that those animals were toys that had been destroyed by bullies over the years. Other children would come to her, and tear apart her only friends. Mom would try on occasion to fix them, but gave up after awhile. Maybe thats why she switched to her imagination.

Samantha sat atop a large, crimson red throne with whit polka dots scattered on the arms. She held a cane in her arms what seemed to be made of a gummy sort of substance. I stared up at her in horror. "S-Samster?" she giggles.

"Jacky! It took you forever to get here, where ya been?" she a, possibly physcotic way.

"Come o-on Sam, we need to get out of here." She stared down at me and frowned.

"No. I'm the princess,I have to stay with my people..but you can stay here in my new reality!"