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March 3, 2013
  • RipTechSoldier

    Next I scrambled into the hallway, frantically caliing out her name.Nothing seemed real that day... I wanted my sister back. What if someone hurt her?My thoughts skipped to my parents.Thats...when I heard that noise..that damn, wretched...noise. It sounded as if something was being chewed on,but every crunch was so deep, it sounded like a bone cracking along with something moist and gushy sliding along with it. I was terrified. Slowly, I stalked down the stairs, unsure of what I would see. I wish I hadn't. I saw that sight,and I vommitted every last ounce of whatever the hell was in my stomach. Those animals...creatures..fucking MONSTERS! Doodra. I saw Doodra. He...was eating my mother. Her face was gone, save the bones and vocal chords ha…

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  • RipTechSoldier

    I loved my little sister….so,so much. I had always enjoyed the horrid stories of psychotic children,mainly little girls who would kill, or merely terrify others. Of course,I never truly believed those kind of things existed, but I always forced myself to keep an extra glance for young Samantha. She was a happy, young, cheerful kid. Yknow, the kind who had imaginary friends and had tea parties with them. I never thought anything of it, though, looking back, I feel as victimized as those in the stories I once laughed at.Days started simple enough, Mom would come wake me up for school, I would complain and eventually drag myself to the bustop with Samantha. I was 14 at the time, while she was 6. She would always tell stories of those friends …

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