I been asking people for help for awhile but this apparently is a very anti social site unless your getting complained to about something stupid so can someone give me a hand with 2 things that are most likely simple if your used to this site... 1. I accidently made a blog called Blog 1 - Agony, can someone please tell me how to delete it. 2. I want to submit a story i wrote but i dont know where to do that... help with either of these would be great seeing as none of the people i asked apparently give a f*ck. ah also i lied, does anyone know how to make the chat work? (even though i used it earlier and it worked it seems mostly everyone in there is a d*ck head) but maybe if i need help later someone in there will be cool enough to help... thank you Rich Russell 03:37, November 1, 2011 (UTC)