The inspiration for this one came after I read the umpteenth "Nazi science experiment goes horribly wrong" story. I can't recall which one, exactly, as they sort of blend into one another, what with the invariably super-powered experiment subjects inevitably wreaking vengeance upon the Nazi doctors who made them. I have to state, in a very real sense these things are often less horror stories, than they are dark super hero origins that don't realize it. Which is why it occurred to me to do one where a Nazi science project accomplishes what most Nazi science projects did--'fuck' and 'all', aside from acquiring a sizable body count.

Because that's the thing about the Nazis--they were really, really terrible at science, when you get down to it. They gave their cranks as much money as the real scientists like von Braun, and they pursued grandiose designs that frequently could never work, or really weren't worth pursuing in the middle of a war with virtually everyone else in the world. The real horror from Nazi science projects isn't that they might have unleashed an invincible super-soldier, it was that they killed a lot of people to test things like "what happens when you stick someone in ice water for a real long time". (Or as slave labor on things like those rockets Von Braun made, because, yeah, he may have helped us get to the moon, but let's never forget what an ASSHOLE he was.)

That, to my mind, is the true horror of the Nazis--a system that ran on pointless cruelty, and thought that doing so made it better.