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July 31, 2014
  • Rhialto

    ...For that sinking feeling that occurs when you gradually realize that a story you planned on doing a minor edit on is a lot worse than you thought. As in "Kill it! Kill it with fire!" bad.

    I propose "pasta-malaise". It sounds fancy.

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  • Rhialto

    ...Over at Spinpasta. Give Shadow Theatre 13 a read, if you're interested.

    Hope you all enjoy it. If I get enough positive response I'll probably do another one. Suggestions for stories to do would be appreciated!

    I have to state, doing this one gave me a better appreciation of the exact quality of Jeff the Killer's badness. Which in some respects is simply a monumental cluelessness...

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  • Rhialto

    I've Been Read! Neat!

    October 17, 2014 by Rhialto

    I've just found out that my story Small Talk has had a reading. And here it is!

    I have to say, I am stoked by this, in my own quiet way. It's a pretty good reading too. Even though a distressing number of comments seem to miss the entire point of the story.

    But then--it's youtube.

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  • Rhialto

    On 'Project Fenrir"

    August 15, 2014 by Rhialto

    The inspiration for this one came after I read the umpteenth "Nazi science experiment goes horribly wrong" story. I can't recall which one, exactly, as they sort of blend into one another, what with the invariably super-powered experiment subjects inevitably wreaking vengeance upon the Nazi doctors who made them. I have to state, in a very real sense these things are often less horror stories, than they are dark super hero origins that don't realize it. Which is why it occurred to me to do one where a Nazi science project accomplishes what most Nazi science projects did--'fuck' and 'all', aside from acquiring a sizable body count.

    Because that's the thing about the Nazis--they were really, really terrible at science, when you get down to…

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  • Rhialto

    As a recent blog post has stirred up a bit of discussion on the matter of Jeff the Killer, I've decided to crock my metaphorical snook not only at this site's most... notorious resident--albeit for reasons that have nothing to do with actual horror--but at a pair of his fellows in the classics category, Slenderman, and the Russian Sleep Experiment. And realize this is a big deal, as I have no idea what a snook actually is, much less how to crock one. So when I start pulling out my metaphorical variation--things can get dangerous very fast. I'm not kidding, people. Limbs have been lost on previous attempts.

    To start with, I have to explain just why I'm writing about these three pastas in particular. The answer simple--all three are accre…

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