I'm is a noooob

I'm pretty new here. Hi. My name is Rhett. I like cats. I found the blog button. 

Writing is a hobby of mine. I like creepy pastas before I go to bed. I generally listen to narrations of them on YouTube to go to sleep to. My wife hates me. (Not really, she loves me.) 

I joined because I think I can put some really good stories out there. I've been browsing a lot of creepy pastas lately, and... Where's all the ones that keep my eyes open at night? Do people know what real fear is anymore? What makes someone... Afraid? What is the cause of fear... I have no idea. 

I'm just an army ant. Yes. Just a little speck- a little ant. And I'm crawling in a cow to peel off a little more flesh, like the rest of the army ants. And then I take it back to our home, every day. 

I do tech support. And I love cats. And if you post a video of a snake eating a kitten, I'll show you a centipede eating a snake. And a cat eating a bird. After the bird ate a snake. or something. I'm sure it's out there. I love cats. Did I mention? 

My main hobby I guess would be making games. That's a bunch of dumb HTML5 pieces of crap I made. The most creepy pasta game i've made was a game jam project called Mental Institution. It crashed google chrome once. That's probably my fault. 

That's a little about me I guess. 

Oh... I love Edgar Allan Poe. I will make him proud. And yeah... I read Goosebumps as a kid. Not very scary books, if you ask me. They're like... Random fish at the super market that suddenly come back to life and vomit corn, scary. Which is... Eh- not scary.