Hi, I'm looking to talk to someone who is an experienced writer.

I'm looking for advice on a novel I am writing, I just recently started it. I'm around 5 pages in and simply looking for advice on how to carry through writing a longer story. If people are interested I'll post the first 2 - 3 pages in writers workshop.

Here's a summary of the story:

An english teacher in a public high school is feeling quite lost. He went through a divorce, where he suspected his wife had cheated on him. He wonders whether he is the father or not, because the last thing she said to him was that she was pregnant, but he does not know if the child is his. He is feeling restricted as a teacher, in this world that the book is set, the school curriculum is much more strict. He then has the idea that changes him, his motivation rises. He has the students study writing process, specifically how books are organized (setting, characters, etc) - Then he has the class write a book. As one. This is key part of the story, where everything takes a sharp turn in the other direction. Each new entry to the story the students are writing, happens. To each of them. Due to the story becoming quite complicated, it eventually leads to some students suffering serious issues in life, particularly one student who will be diagnosed with cancer. At the end they will all be effected, each of them (There is 18 kids in this classroom). The ending will be that they realize that it all happened, that the book was controlling their lives. The main story cuts off, and there is no reaction or thing that they do after that. Which will be the lingering question I leave the reader with, "what do they do?" - It's not what they do, but how the teacher is left in the ending. The book starts with him in a bad place, and then ends with him in a worse place. He only wanted to get some excitement back into his life, only to find that he created a mental triangle of shit. Going up, then back down, even lower than before. Of course, he was also effected by an entry in the novel. Specifically the last chapter is what happens to him, which I will keep secret for those who are curious what happens.

Thats it!

Let me know what you think,

Thanks - Rex