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Pasta Clean-Up/Rating Post

I know I'm not the first person to suggest this (far from it), but alot of pastas here just aren't that good; I'm looking at you Troll & Video Game Pastas. If an admin could designate some sort of quality control team to do some work around the site, I think it'd keep the quality of pastas in the aforementioned sections a whole lot better.

To go along with that, some sort of "official" pasta rating system would be nice. Examples like:

  • The SCP Wiki , which has a + and - number system to rate articles.

...could potentially influence some sort of ratings system here on the wiki. I'm not entirely sure how much control an admin has over the inner-workings of the wiki, but I don't think (with a whole community behind the effort) it would be too hard to get something up and running.


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