How long was I out for, two months or something?

Well, surely it couldn’t have been that long when so little has changed. It’s quite frankly pretty terrifying how the site seems the same as it’s always been, so terrifying that I might even write a CP about it. Maybe it’s so scary because I have changed a lot myself?

I once read somewhere that to live was to die repeatedly, the point being that by every passing second your personality and thought process changes according to the stimuli you receive from the world around you, meaning that the old you is continuously killed bit by bit and replaced by a new, adapted one. This in turn also means that physical death works like a lock that ends the cycle of reincarnation.

Anyway, I’ve died a lot recently, and now I’m back. I’ll start contributing to this site again, but how I do it might change a wee bit. I can imagine myself spamming the “Random Pasta”-button and looking for stories that no one has taken the time to comment on yet. I know myself the bad taste it leaves in your mouth when you post something that no one bothers to read and comment on. Originally, I had intended to apologize for my absence, but that would be superfluous; it’s not like you ever depended on me to begin with. Besides, I’m sure all of you can understand that real life comes first.

Finally, I’ll post a short story on WW. I’m in two minds about what to do with it though, as it only really fits in the broadest possible definition of CP: “any story that is kinda spooky but not really.”

Of course, my past stories have always bordered on the line between CP and… not CP, so it’s not like this predicament is new or insurmountable on my own. Still, you’ll have my gratitude if you check it out and offer some honest feedback.

See ya!