This place is stupid; anyone is zealous of my writing skills and wont let me post my storys even though ive writen like 2 and didnt edit them at all you should have posted them because I'm egostic but still like being edgy and complaing. and you should have posted them. its not fair that people who put in effort and edit there storys get them posted but I dont even though ive but in almost no effort.

here's my pasta for anyone who didnt get a chance to read it because of this wikis bullshit rules

"Me and jeff the killer were going out looking for haunted my little pony gamez, but there one day was tobi the killer and steve the killer and they attacked up and jeff died. So now I'm killer the killer of killers and i kill off all borny haters" #2017Bitchingabouteverythingonawikiformfixesallproblems

I'm going to go die from overuse of sarcasm now. So, on a serious note, why is this becoming a thing? Is complaining you put no effort into a story and it wasn't posted a new snowflake trend? It seems the numbers been increasing as less and less activity is happening on the wiki. 

Out of curiosity, back when Creepy Italian dishes was a huge thing, was there an even higher number?