• I live in In a house next to dead bodies, unrelated I swear.
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is God, however, I enjoy having 4 jobs, so I do that.
  • I am Male, unless I need money
  • Resdraon

    ESP Powers

    July 15, 2017 by Resdraon

    So, My last novella got turned down by a few companies. Most just gave the cliche " Good luck finding a publisher that suits better for this kind of story" however many simply told me while they really enjoyed the story itself, it was too dark and depressing. So, I'm working on many other projects. 

    One of which involves the cliche Esper troop, and while I already have the main cast down, I could always use some mobs to kill for lol's. 

    So, anyone have any esper power ideas or better yet, if you were one what would your power be/how would you use it? 

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  • Resdraon

    Screw Tish cite

    July 8, 2017 by Resdraon

    This place is stupid; anyone is zealous of my writing skills and wont let me post my storys even though ive writen like 2 and didnt edit them at all you should have posted them because I'm egostic but still like being edgy and complaing. and you should have posted them. its not fair that people who put in effort and edit there storys get them posted but I dont even though ive but in almost no effort.

    here's my pasta for anyone who didnt get a chance to read it because of this wikis bullshit rules

    "Me and jeff the killer were going out looking for haunted my little pony gamez, but there one day was tobi the killer and steve the killer and they attacked up and jeff died. So now I'm killer the killer of killers and i kill off all borny haters" …

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  • Resdraon

    Novella failure.

    June 5, 2017 by Resdraon

    So, for the past few months, I've been working on a Novella for this one publisher I found online. I thought they were a decent fit as the story is sifi-ish and very unserious, and the publisher themselves weren't that big, but still noticeable. 


    Just as I finished the formatting today, and was ready to submit, I noticed they changed their word limit from 25k being the max, to 16k at the start of June. I'm at 24k and that's the short version. 


    Brah...Come on...!?!

    So ya, going to have to look around for other publishers (Not really a short supply of those), but I feel like ranting a bit as this was a kick in all the nuts I saved for winter. Worst comes to worse I'm making it an E-book, and then working on an actual Novel, as Novell…

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  • Resdraon


    January 13, 2017 by Resdraon

    So, sick of hearing these cliches after reading/listening so many of these? Same! I'm only going to put 3! You guys can put in some more. 

    - Crimson blood. : Yes we get's a good way to describe blood, but it's over used. Do it again and we can compare your blood to actual crimson

    - It felt like "Place amount of time here" when it was only seconds! : Find new ways to describe time. It's not hard.

    - Anything using daggers as a describing word. : Yes, Mr.Shapekspear compared the glare of an eye to daggers, no reason to use it to describe any and every pain. 

    So many more...Didn't even add in when people talk about creepypastas in a creepypasta, when they tell you they can't write as good as the one who had it happen to them, or when the w…

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