• Requiem of Ice

    That last post was indeed both a joke and a test, but damn, did I see something. Apparently, you were all saying, "Butthurt" among things. And what does that show? Either adults or children in this wiki, and yes, even the adults, are still very, very immature.

    A good reaction to the joke would be an explanation, of which I saw a few, but mostly, I saw bashing and "butthurt" among the comments, which shows that you are all pretty much immature here. And too bad, really. I thought people were civilized here, and not a bunch of ten year olds behind the computer.

    I guess I was wrong.

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  • Requiem of Ice

    Hello everyone who joins in Creepypasta Wiki, we are a website that runs just like and Creepypasta Network, but with far more restrictions. Come and join us as we give you a trip to showing you how we became like Google Plus and YouTube, and then force you to conform to our standards because we are certainly making a complete dick of ourselves.

    Why go to better sites like Creepypasta Land Wiki,, DeviantArt, Tumblr or Creepypasta Network, when you can come here and simply just try and try submitting your stories, to no avail because we don't want you to? :D

    That is all.

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  • Requiem of Ice

    Hello, there everyone, I have an announcement. I am going to be making my own Minecraft Creepypasta Mod (separate from Creepypastacraft) and will add creepypasta characters (and possibly users) who would fit in.

    Project: Make a minecraft Mod with the help of people.

    Mission: To add a lot of creepypasta characters in it and code out the mobs.

    • Slender Man
    • Masky
    • Hoody
    • Observer
      • Stephen Kennedy
      • Dawn Kennedy
        • Jeff the Killer
        • Jane the Killer
        • Jennifer the Killer
          • Eyeless Jack
          • Sniper
          • Moth Man
          • Jersey Devil
          • The Rake
          • Louisiana Zombie
            • Sally
            • Sherri
            • Marcus Muller
              • BEN
              • Dark Link
              • Tails Doll
              • Zalgo
              • $!3v3n
              • BRVR
              • Lost Silver
              • Smile.jpg
              • Herobrine
                • Squidward
                • Suicide Mouse
                • The Grey Man
                  • Marluxia
                  • Requiem of Ice
                  • Kill1mes
                  • Different Status
                  • The Brexter
                  • PewDiePie
                  • Cry
                  • Mutahar

    • Happy Appy
    • Skin Taker
    • Albert Wesker
    • Potato J…

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