I have a few ideas on a Creepy Pasta, but I'm not sure on which one I feel will be the better of the bunch. Besides the one I'm writing, I've been thinking of these three others, tell me what you think. 

The first one is based off of a true fear I've always had and the fear was formulated after hearing a story from a friend of mine. A buddy of mine had told me, a group of archaeologist had apparently found King Tut's Tomb and did not head the warning engraved on the outside on the walls. It was essentialy saying for them to not enter, or they'd be cursed. For the sake of time, I will skip to what happened to the last man, in which I was  planning on basing my Pasta off of. The male was walking home one day, and suddenly, a street he was preparing himself to cross went silent and no traffic was visible to him. Thinking nothing of it, he began to continue, once he got far enough into the road, a truck appeared and killed him on impact. As the story goes, the man never saw the truck coming, the street was vacant in his eyes. Now, I was planning on making a pasta similar to this, but drawn out and it will obviously include vivid detail.

The Second idea is based off of a riddle. The riddle is a very known one. It consist of four men and a king. The four men are robbers, and are put into a sand pit up to their necks. The king has different colored hats placed onto the thieves heads and tells the men if they can guess which hat color rest upon their own head, all of the men will be set free. But if either of the men answer incorrectly, they all will be killed. Neither of the men can see behind them, only in front of them. You can google the remainder of this riddle, if you don't know it. But I had the idea of creating an OC from this and naming him the "Riddle Master" or some other tacky crap. Then eventually slowly revealing information about this man via the views of which ever character's point of view I chose to write about. Or, I had the intention of doing something else creative with it, but unsure of what. I do however, think this maybe a litle too cliche, to a certain extent. 

The third one was going to be based off of a ghost's life. "Life", get it? I planned on it being about how a ghost slowly finds out he's/she's dead. I really found this too cliche, however, I've been racking my brain for ways to make it less so. 

Opinions? Thanks ahead of time!