I have only been on this site for a little over a month, and I have already witnessed several pastas being rightfully removed from the site, then a bunch of immature people rushing to the people who was responsible for the deletion of it, with their undies in a bunch saying, “Y DID U DELETE MY PASTA IT WAS GREAT AND BETTER THAN ANYTHING U COULD DO U PRICK. U DIDNT WARN ME OR NUTHIN U JUST DELETED IT I HATE MODS LIK U!!!” Or something on the lines of that. Seriously?

Just because you probably decided to write a story because one of your favorites have its place here, doesn’t mean yours will be accepted into the community. This is mainly directed to the fan girls and fan boys of Slender-man, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer (who is no longer a CP), etc. Read the rules, as it is put in caps on the front page. Ignorance to the rules is not an excuse. Nor, is ignorance to the quality standardsIf your story lacks any of the following: Correct punctuation, grammar, capitalization, indentions, spacing, and a good plot; don’t complain, bitch, and whine, if it gets deleted.

If you really believe your story was so great it shouldn’t have been deleted, then give factual proof and state out your thoughts politely, instead of your banshee screaming to the staff.  If you can’t take the criticism of this site, then maybe this is not the place for you to post your work. There are alternatives, such as Wattpad or Fanfiction, for those of you who like to write spin-offs. Also, take into consideration that there is Writer's Workshop! Which is the place you should always, always, always; result to prior to publishing your story. I cannot stress this enough. Very talented writers still use WW, and I suggest you follow their foot steps and do the same.

Now, for the kiddies of this site, who shouldn’t be on here period, please don’t spam the site with your half assed written stories. This is not a game of “I can make a better OC than you!” This is a Literature Site and should be taken into thought as one. I can not begin to name out all of the pitiful stories I have reviewed, that had no hope of even editing, most being too cliché, or in all honesty; copies off Jeff the Killer or Slender-man. I eventually gave up hope on attempting to tweak them and just started categorizing them as “Marked for Review.”

To conclude this rant or whatever you’d like to call this, I’d like to point out again that there are alternative places to post your stories and Writer’s Workshop is available 24/7 for critiquing. I’m not trying to push anyone away from this site, you work is welcomed here with open arms! As long as it was written within the quality standards. Thank you for reading this!