I'm not even sure why I'm writing this, but I had been thinking about this since the last day I was on in October of last year.  If anyone can recall; once Jeff the Killer was deleted and removed from the site, it made fan girls cry and every scene and emo kid scream. But the reason it was deleted was mainly because it had plot holes. Yeterday, I had visited several stories and noticed this in many of them. Most of them had little to no vivid description, but the plot was almost sturdy. Meanwhile, some were just horrible. There were even a few I didn't even bother with adding a cateogry to M4R, knowing it would just get a squinty eye and no one would actually read it. But I didn’t see a solid reason (solid meaning, it was a spinoff or wuz wit3n lik dis) to delete them, besides the fact that it had major plot holes and it lacked a tasteful pasta. Some of them I marked them for review and didn’t even leave a reason why, and once they were reviewed, they were deemed ok . I’m just kinda tail tied right now. I’m not sure what’s allowed to be a creepypasta anymore, and what’s not. If Jeff the Killer was taken off the site for this that and the other, why shouldn’t stories similar to it be taken off? Same thing with any other major story, like Eyeless Jack. I’m not saying I agree that they should’ve stayed. I’m just saying that a few stories on here should be moved elsewhere, like Writer’s Workshop or to an alternative place.