So apperantly we can make personal blog posts, so I thought I would do that. Mostly to introuduce myself, as the rules say we can do. So, with that said, a basic explanation would be this:

My name is Fevery. I'm a self taught writer who has no idea if I'm doing well or not because people don't say. (That was a joke, that last sentence. No, it wasn't funny.)  I mostly read horror based creepypastas, so I avoid gore and shock ones. I write more than just creepypastas myself, though. However, it's still all fiction. I've won 2 awards in the past so I guess I'm okay at it.

I'm very confused as to how to navigate a wiki and will mess up. It's unavoidable. I may be messing up at this very moment (which I feel like I am). So I've come here prepared to accept getting corrected.

Last little bit: right now I'm working on a story about a demonic tree. Exciting, eh?

That's all I have to say.