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Baiz-Need to get a life, have not contributed

After today-my wife cheated on me, my hamster died, and I revealed my photo so I am not a storm trooper anymore.I have not contributed anything actually worth reading, but my brother, sunstar821 was banned a while back.He wrote a story called art class.It's pretty good you should check it out.

Anyways I created this account to try something new, well I ended up having a shoulder to cry on about all my (retarted) problems.

One person I would like to mention in this case is: Irishninja0.

He helped me get through alot.

I shall continue my life-Nintendo game tester, and an indie gaming company.

I would also like to thank all the admins for doing a great job at what they do, my favorites however are Temmington (Sarah) And Dream hacked (keep at it)

There some controversy which ended up in banishment (AKA jeffs girlfriend) And I am sure I won't matter to the community much at all once I am gone.

I am happy for what the creepypasta community has turned into since Last year (such as no Poke, haunted file pastas)So I thank everybody for the great time I had here at this site Creepypasta.

sincerely with all love-

T117 STORM TROOPER-Time to shut down the system

thank you.

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