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Red And Skylar's Fucked up days. (Just a regular life)

1: God. I have no idea where to start. I guess I'll start earlier today. It was about, 9:10 in the morning. I was watching Jetix for no good reason when Skylar walks in. She looks pissed at me, as usual. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked quietly, knowing if our parents heard us 'cuss' we would be grounded for an insane amount of time. "Watching two guys fuck each other. What does it look like to you?" I asked, I wanted to get back to whatever the hell was going on on the t.v. She shrugs her shoulders and walks away. I get on my phone and start texting Alex, a good friend of mine. He was in my group for a damn history project, and he wasn't taking any chances. Well, let's cut this short and just say it involved a lot of profanity, racial slurs, and other things I should not go into detail.

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