Oh, how I love seeing blood and gore everywhere

With screams and creepy stares!

And that all matters

To me, that is what I really care

I am a killer, yes I am!

I use knives, guns, and even hammers!

Usually, I go SLICE, POW, or BAM!

And seeing their organs, just makes me go hungry

like seeing a yummy and a delicious ham!

Oh, how I love steping on animals

with their innocent and pure looks

Didn't I say I was a cannibal?

I carry their dead, furry bodies

And I put them into chains and hooks

Since this is one of my hobbies

I am a murderer, that is so true!

I kill and kill and kill

And put a pile of dead bodies on a hill!

That is all what I do!

The gore, the blood, the screams!

They're all beautiful!

The greater the blood is measured,

The more I feel pleasured!

I smiled, I laugh and I even cry!

Day after day, Chills of excitiment running down

I guess it's now to say bye-bye

but still, the screaming and the crying for help

Is the most wonderful sound!