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I decided I might as well introduce myself and explain precisely why I write my stories.

My username is ReaperMistress, but you may call me Mortix if you so desire. I am an avid author with ambitions to one day publish the book I have been working on for a while now. I write mainly in science-fiction, dark fantasy, and horror genres, although every once in a while I'll dip into something less sinister such as an action plot. My favorite genre to this day remains the genre of 'horror'.

A friend of mine- Eli- perseveres to call me "Edgar Allan Poe Reincarnate" because of my love of dark poetry and writing short horror stories in a style that reseambled the great and revered author and beloved poet. I will post a poem every once in a while on these blogs for hope to have them enjoyed somewhere in the world. Who knows? Perhaps it might come back to help me one day.

I am a paranormal investigator that resides within the 'States- to put it within modern terminology. You can call me a Hunter if you so desire. Basically- I hunt down oddities in the world, catalogue them, investigate, and intervene when I'm most needed. My life is full of life-or-death situations and I'd love to publish them on this site, but my personal experiences are that of a secret brought on by a society I aid in leading. All I can tell you are a few of the cases I have pursued in my investigations.

Not all my stories will be true stories- in order to keep that fear in doubt present- but many of them will be written in the viewpoint of the victims. This is- in a way- my final tribute to those lost to the oddness of this world and their ignorance to it. Naivety can kill you, and ignorance is never bliss. Please remember this. I don't want to be writing your death report five months from now- or tomorrow at that.

Keep wary, my dear Children,


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