aka Flower of the Mortician

  • I live in Secret, Earth
  • I was born on October 11
  • My occupation is Author and Occult Investigator
  • I am Female
  • ReaperMistress


    December 9, 2013 by ReaperMistress

    I decided I might as well introduce myself and explain precisely why I write my stories.

    My username is ReaperMistress, but you may call me Mortix if you so desire. I am an avid author with ambitions to one day publish the book I have been working on for a while now. I write mainly in science-fiction, dark fantasy, and horror genres, although every once in a while I'll dip into something less sinister such as an action plot. My favorite genre to this day remains the genre of 'horror'.

    A friend of mine- Eli- perseveres to call me "Edgar Allan Poe Reincarnate" because of my love of dark poetry and writing short horror stories in a style that reseambled the great and revered author and beloved poet. I will post a poem every once in a while on t…

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